After issuance of an ECC, the Project Proponent shall engage in monitoring of all project activities and the identified impacts according to the issued ECC, the approved EMP, and the relevant laws/regulations. The monitoring will be undertaken in all project phases such as pre-construction, construction, operation, decommissioning, closure and post-closure phases (See also Article 106 of EIA Procedure).

The Monitoring report will be submitted to ECD together with the following form:


1.  Contents of monitoring report

The following information shall include in a monitoring report (See also Article 109 of EIA Procedure):

a)    documentation of compliance with all conditions;

b)    progress made to date on implementation of the EMP against the submitted implementation schedule;

c)    difficulties encountered in implementing the EMP and recommendations for remedying those difficulties and steps proposed to prevent or avoid similar future difficulties;

d)    number and type of non-compliance with the EMP and proposed remedial measures and timelines for completion of remediation;

e)    accidents or incidents relating to the occupational and community health and safety, and the environment; and

f)     monitoring data of environmental parameters and conditions as committed in the EMP or otherwise required.

2.   Timing of Reporting

In typical cases, a monitoring report shall be submitted to ECD not less frequently than every six (6) months, or periodically as setting out by MONREC (See also Article 108 of EIA Procedure).

However, if any emergency events happen, the Project Proponent may be required to inform the happening to MONREC within not later than 24 hours in significant case, or within 7 days in all other cases (See also Article 107 of EIA procedure).

3.  Approval and disclosure

After completion and submission of the monitoring report, the report shall be disclosed on the website of the proponent and/or any public place as well as the office of the proponent, within 10 days from the date of submission.

In addition, If any person / organization request a digital copy of the report, the Proponent shall deliver the report to them within 10 days.

(See also Article 110 of EIA Procedure)

4.   Inspection by authority

At any timing, MONREC will undertake an inspection whether the project / monitoring activities fully comply with the ECC conditions and the approval EMP. The all costs for the inspection shall be borne by the Project Proponent.

(See also Article 111 to 122 of EIA Procedure)