Consultant Licensing

In accordance with Article 17 to 22 of EIA Procedure, Consultant Licensing process was set out so as to verify and ensure qualification of the consultants who wish to undertake an EIA or IEE study. Currently, the full-scale licensing procedure called as “Licensing Scheme” is under development; however, the Scheme would come into force after a couple of months. For the transitional period until the date of issuance of the Scheme, ECD-MONREC provides a guidance of transitional registration according to Article 17 (a) of EIA Procedure.

If you wish to undertake any IEE/EIA studies, you shall follow the transitional registration process below:

1.  Transitional consultant registration forms

You obtain the transitional registration form from the following links, fill in the form and submit the forms with supporting evidence (Copy of ID/Passport, certificate / proof document for academic qualification, etc.) to ECD-MONREC by email, or postal mail.


Transitional Consultant Registration form for person (MS-Word, 38kb)

Transitional Consultant Registration form for organization (MS-Word, 46kb)


Contact information:

Natural Resource and Environmental Impact Assessment Division (NR-EIA), ECD-MONREC

No.53 Building, Oattara Thiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar 15011

Tel/Fax: +95-67-431329 (NR-EIA division)


Note: If you cannot submit any certificate / proof document for academic qualification to ECD-MONREC through any unavoidable circumstances at the moment, in particular for foreign person / organization, you shall prepare and submit a written statement of reasons describing why you cannot submit those certificate / proof document to ECD-MONREC. ECD-MONREC will consider your circumstance, however, may require submission of the certificate / proof to us not later than 6 months after completion of the registration.

The sample of statement of reasons is given here (MS-Word, 23kb)


2.  Certificate for transitional consultant registration

After thoroughly examining those submitted forms / documents from applicants, ECD-MONREC will issue a certificate for transitional consultant registration.

The registration will be voided after six (6) months from the date of issuance of “Licensing Scheme” (see also “3. Licensing Scheme”) unless you would update the registration through the Scheme.


3.  Licensing Scheme

As we mentioned above, the new procedure of consultant licensing, called as “Licensing Scheme”, is currently under discussion. The new scheme would be established and come into force after a couple of months, at least within 2016.